Shark and Sardine Chaos with Offshore Africa sardine run 2018

Shark and Sardine Chaos with Offshore Africa

Shark and Sardine Chaos with Offshore Africa: Rob Nettleton and Debbie Smith (aka The Shark Lady), are the team that head up Offshore Africa Port St. Johns…and this is their specialty…the chaos of the Sardine Run.

The sharks kind of dominate but you can’t really be sure as hundreds of marine animals vie for top dog spot. The gannets are just like fighter jets as they swoop down on their enemy and blast them to pieces. They don’t just shoot one either, they can dog fight with the best…turning and veering and swerving…destroying the enemy.

The dolphins are so fast that Rob had to slow the video down in some places. And the seals! Well they seem to be the most aggressive!

Enjoy the video, it plays in up to 480p quality…

Bookings for The Sardine Run 2018, with all it’s shark and sardine action…are open now.

Head on over to Offshore Africa’s website, for more crazy imagery and action…and to get in touch.

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Some imagery from previous sardine runs with Offshore Africa…

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