Açorda de Camarão at ZanziBeach in Tofo

Açorda de Camarão at ZanziBeach in Tofo

Tofo Beach, Inhambane, Southern Mozambique: Well it’s always great to be invited to ZanziBeach right on Tofo Beach. Especially on days when master creative in the kitchen and restaurant owner Rui, is working on a new dish.

Açorda de Camarão

Well prawns are prawns are prawns. Or are they?

Well the prawns that Rui and the team in the Zanzi kitchen produced this day were certainly different.

Without divulging the secret recipe to all…the healthy serving of prawns is served in a delicious stock infused prawn sauce. And comes with a raw egg right smack bang in the middle of it. Which cooks into the hot meal as it is stirred right in.

Rich and filling. Tasty and colourful.

Zanzi serves a handsome bowl for 400 Mets. Or does a three-person serving for 1000 Mets.

The beer is always cold down at Zanzi. And all the really good wines we get around here, are available. Some great Portuguese imported flavours. And the ever tasty South African styles. The smoothies and cocktail variations thereof will keep you refreshed and full of bounce.

The views of Tofo Beach right from your table are the best in town. And the Tofo Mercado is a short walk away. It’s a great spot to take your family, when on holiday, and treat them to some real Portuguese table fare.

Ala ZanziBeach in Tofo!

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