Fishing’s Finest Latest!

Fishing’s Finest Latest!

New @ Fishing’s Finest…pop in to Fishing’s Finest in Pretoria to check out the latest in sport fishing apparel and equipment. These guys have some really cool and unique stuff in their shop.

Or shop online at the following links…

Fishing's Finest Latest kit

Fishing’s Finest Latest kit

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BBK Raptor Z Treble Hooks

BKK Lone Diablo Single Hooks – R145

Pelagic Ridgemont Tee –

Stroft Cutter and Carry System – R450

Bill Lewis Echo – R165

Bill Lewis Stutterstep R240

Assassin Amia Zero Kob Special Spinning Rod R2,595

Assassin Bags – R895

Zoom Swimmer – R175

McArthy Tiddler – R65

Pelagic Sharkskin Americano – Patriot R1035

Pelagic Gear Sunsetter R540

Pelagic Black Label Marlin Nation Tee – R540

Pelagic Tuna Pub Tee – Charcoal – R395

New Pelagic Gear UV Fishing Shirts

Pelagic Vaportek Slate Reefer – R895

Pelagic Vaportek – Hexed Black – R895

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