Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

If you’re looking for a backpackers in Xai Xai – you’ve found it!

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Bamboo Beach Backpackers is right on the beach at Xai Xai! It features a value restaurant and fun pub. Dorms, singles and doubles at the usual rates. Free tea and coffee.

But the main attraction is certainly the location. Right on Xai Xai Beach itself. The idyllic lagoon style bathing out front is safe and tranquil. The beaches stretch for miles each way and are adorned with features and attractions like rock pools and sandbanks. There is a protective barrier reef which at low tide is completely exposed. This reef runs for miles along the entire stretch.

There is all sorts to do and many activities available at Xai Xai. Deep sea or shore fishing. Scuba diving. Snorkeling. There are many places close by that you can visit by foot.

The infamous Limpopo River joins the Indian Ocean at Zongoene, down the beach to the south. Trips can be arranged. If you’re an avid sport fisherman or fly-fisher, then this is certainly a bucket list type destination. It is wild down there!

Getting to Bamboo Beach Backpackers is as easy as catching a bus. Bus travel in Mozambique has been upgraded phenomenally as of late. Safe and steady, the prices are also completely reasonable. You could get from Maputo to Xai Xai for about R200 or less, on these big new and comfortable busses. Maputo to Inhassoro costs about R300 one way, as a side note.

Getting in touch with Bamboo Beach from the outset of your travels is a good idea. They will arrange your pickup in Xai Xai and transfer to your new beach location.

Catch that sunrise!

“No eternal reward will forgive us now, for wasting the dawn.” – Jim Morrison

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