100kg marlin on a Mydo off Port Shepstone today

100kg marlin on a Mydo off Port Shepstone today

At 4 am this early morning, whilst I was tossing and turning (dreaming of marlin perhaps) with another bout of the Big M. (Malaria) – I sensed some activity outside.

My brother Marc was back from Angola. And he had his son Brandon and his mate Tristan Roodt.

They were prepping the good boat Niteshift, and soon headed out through the Umzimkulu River mouth, into a rough and ready ocean. All confused from the day before as the south and north wind argued like they have been. From my angle, the wind just blew and blew, but with high tide all day, I knew they could return anytime they liked really.

But they didn’t.

The first Instagram video came through – wasting time with a shark.

But then silence. For ages.

The wind got right up again. 20 Knots or more. Ideal dorado weather. And marlin!

And so it was, the early birds, after spending a good few hours getting into the swing of the day, found the worm.

The dorado came screaming in and a total of five eventually made it into the hatch for a free boat ride. Many got away and lost out.

Delicious dorado for dinner! Reward for releasing the marlin!

Delicious dorado for dinner! Reward for releasing the marlin!

At one point, Marc took a look at his plugging outfit looking all lonely. So in sympathy, he picked it up and gave it a lob. As it hit the water, without any sign or warning, a tasty little yellowfin tuna smashed it! Luck? I dunno?


Then all of a sudden, there it was. An angry 100kg plus marlin picked on the blue number 2 Mydo Livebaitswimmer, armed with those reliable 5x little black trebles from Mustad.

Not wanting to cause the fish too much distress before he let it go, Marc pushed the drag right up and gave the jumping, dancing fish the gears. In 25 minutes he had the fish beat and behaving in front of the boat?! Marc pulled the tiny trebles out easily enough, and sent it on its way a lot more wily and suspicious of those Mydos and how good they are rigged!

The Mydo LiveBaitSwimmer is just like a Baitswimmer, but it has a strong little single hook to pin the lively live bait with. There are two weights, 1 Oz and 2Oz, so you can keep your livies away from eachother, on the drift, or on the troll.

More about the lure Marc used to catch this marlin today…and details of which shops carry The Mydo range can be found at http://thesardine.co.za/mydo/


If your local tackle store does not stock our homegrown and proven brand, then by all means, please buy online!

Catch The Mydo on Facebook at http://facebook.com/mydofishinglures/



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