“Eating an oyster is like french kissing a mermaid” – Tom Robbins

“Eating an oyster is like french kissing a mermaid” – Tom Robbins

Or. “Oysters on the menu at ZanziBeach Restaurant in Tofo”.

Mermaids in Praia do Tofo are really ocean breeze beautiful. And then I found out that there were oysters right on the menu at ZanziBeach!

Taking the latter approach, with my lovely mermaid close at hand, a grand serving of oyster was requested. Fresh from the sea. Just the way I love my mermaid too. At this great new little seafood spot right on Tofo Beach.

The dish of regal looking oysters soon glided onto our table. Along with twin pinacoladas. A couple of lemons. Hot chilli and pepper sauce.

The floodgates of flavour opened right up. Like an involuntary spasm, the oysters rained their magic on over and into us. Each one its own fantastical adventure. None two remotely the same. Lime and chilli lubricating and spicing the dreamy and intoxicating sensation.

When they were all lovingly spent, the empty table provided that pure moment of bliss that comes flooding in.

After you have french kissed a mermaid…


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