1000lbs Marlin on New Years Day

1000lbs Marlin on New Years Day

A 1000lbs Marlin on New Years Day and a bunch of other stories make up the latest post by Captain Duarte Rato – sportfishing Captain with FishBazaruto.com.

The 1000lbs marlin was not caught at Bazaruto (it was a Blue Marlin taken of Western Australia), but the fish became somewhat controversial, as social networking groups jumped on the attack on the Captain. The very same Captain who was graced with an award for his efforts in tagging and conservation, just last year (2017) One of the biggest and most successful tagging operations, these guys reserved the right to boat a broken fish. And in doing so, incurred the wrath of greenies all over the planet.

The truth is, that without sportfishing charter captains working closely with environmental and conservation entities, there would be no research data available whatsoever. It is this data, supplied by charter captains worldwide, that is used to formulate the management strategies, for these fish stocks.

The ocean is under HUGE pressure right now. We are down to 4% of our original allotment as humans. 4%! To learn more, I would strongly recommend the following book:


Available from Amazon, it outlines the destruction we as humans have wreaked on the planet’s oceans.

In the meantime, tagging as many fish as possible is the only way we can garner the data needed, to formulate better game plans, for the survivial of our remaining 4%.

Enjoy the read…

1000lbs Marlin on New Years Day & other stories

Enjoy a sneak preview of the gallery that goes with the above story, on http://fishbazaruto.com.

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