The hottest New Years ever! Ocean Fest 2017/18

The hottest New Years ever! Ocean Fest 2017/18

The hottest New Years ever was the feeling for the 2017/2018 years Ocean Fest, staged at Fatimas Nest, Praia do Tofo, Inhambane, in Southern Mozambique.


Starting the 27th December 2017, the music poured on out.into the night. Night after night! Daytimes filled with jazzy rocky outfits and local performances. And bang into the New Years party. On the hottest day of the year! And for sure, after super hot days like the 31st, the heavens opened that evening. For 20 minutes. The inevitable eventuality was well foreseen. All were dry and dancing right through the balmy, palmy night.

Music ranged through all the party genres and local talent – delivered by a long list of acts. Many from Mozambique, with the International acts.

The décor, the light show and the sound flooded the dance floor with new years party vibes. The countdown took everyone by complete surprise. When the sun came up on 2018, the party was still in full swing.


The Ocean Fest was started in 2008, by Fatimas Nest and a handful of willing musicians and DJ’s. It has grown into something wild with fun and numbers – now, a very talked about event. Many Tofo lovers making the pilgrimage back each year.

Ocean awareness is the driving motivation behind the festival’s conception. Fatimas Nest is involved in many marine conservation activities in the Inhambane area. The sparkling clean beach the very next morning is a great example, that others could easily follow.

Providing alternative means for the local community to make a living, is probably the most immediate and powerful measure that can be taken, to relieve pressure on the vital marine life that Mozambique is blessed with. This measure has a direct focus on the waters right there. Which will have an immediate effect on the marine life out front. If this was the focus of all lodges in the area, a tangible difference would be felt. There are upwards of 80 temporary staffers involved now, plus the permanent compliment, in the Ocean Fest.

Praia do Tofo

The town of Tofo has been non-stop fun all over again. Fatimas Nest has been abuzz with international and local holidaymakers alike. And there have been distractions going on all over the place. Even the surf has been coming to the party. The fishing has been great too. Divers loving the crystal clear waters.

If you would like to find yourself right in the epi-centre of all this action, you best get in touch and make your booking for next year. Bungalows are great value. There are sunset ones facing over the wetlands. And beach bungalows, giving you an early sunrise and ocean views. There are also cool dorm setups. And a sizeable campsite, with all you need. Clean ablutions. Rustic kitchen. Plug points.

Set construction

Fatimas Nest grew in size as the preparations, which started a month back, constructed the Ocean Fest 2017/18 set. Beach bars sprang up. Rain cover was erected. Huge sound equipment installed. Lights. Camera. Action!

Construction time again at Fatimas.

Almost done!

Media Coverage

Like last year, and the year before, a full video production is on the go, and will be published on The Sardine News, and on the Fatimas website, the minute it becomes available. You can watch the 2017/2018 event right here for now.

This year, TVM vans were parked around, and expensive looking cameras roamed all over. Watch the news!

Next year, a social net and video news stream will be run right through the Ocean Fest. With many acts going live on YouTube / Facebook. This will run through The Sardine News networks, servers and streaming facilities, who will be on site throughout the 2018/2019 event.

2018/2019 Program

As the Ocean Fest has grown, so has the crew at Fatimas Nest gained the invaluable experience that it takes to stage such a big event. Next year promises even more fun – more acts – more everything. And again, you can be assured of a well managed event, with safety and security being the number one priority.

Fatimas Activities

There is an all new activity centre at Fatimas in Tofo right now. Diving, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, sailing, island hopping…can be arranged right at reception. Or online at, where an online booking system will run.


Fatimas Nest website:

The Sardine News:


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