Chris Leppan meets Napalma

Chris Leppan meets Napalma

Tofo in summer. Sand on the point. Music playing all over the town. Chris Leppan meets Napalma for some great surfing edited to the bands magical Afro/Brazilian beats. The first of three instalments. Having Chris here these days is making for some great inspiration on the points – he seems to make everyone in the water with him surf better. Backed up by Dustin “Krusty” Volker with a serious and powerful backhand attack. And backed up even more by Juno, our local surf star here in Tofo. This kid absolutely shreds, even on funky onshore days, like this one was.

Napalma have been playing all over the peninsula, starting at Fatimas Nest down on the beach at Tofo. And tonight doing a finale up at Mozambeats, on top of the hill. It’s a rad venue and Napalma are set to rock the place. Napalma will be playing the New Year down in Knysna – this is one band on the run for sure – non stop touring!

And we have a fresh set of video from another reeling right-hand point break here in Moz, that Chris has gotten his paws all over once again. It’s in the oven right now. Music again by Napalma.

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