Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Right on the beach at Fatimas each year! The Tofo Ocean Festival 2017 looks to be the biggest yet. Check out the post party clip for last years event and festivities…

And details for the 2017 event…

Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Praia do Tofo is the grand stage for the New Years celebrations here in Mozambique 2017. There is something going on in every corner of the party-infused town. But none as big as the main event – the Tofo Ocean Festival 2017. Held at Fatimas Nest – right on Tofo Beach. Over New Years. 27 December 2017 to 1 January 2018!

It’s an ocean festival, aimed at increasing ocean awareness – but it’s all about the music through the summer nights. In full New Year swing, the sun comes up all too soon every day. DJs and musos line up to contribute to the show. They come from all over the place.

The people also come from far and wide for the Ocean Festival and Praia do Tofo. The Tofo “gridlock” turns into an endless street party all leading to Fatimas.

Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo starts at 7am

Fatimas – the scene of the Tofo Ocean Festival 2017

Best leave your car where it is and walk and dance the night away. The town has already started filling up. It’s gonna be a really big year at this


You can see past years productions on the Fatimas website at

And more about Fatimas at


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