Surfing Tofinho with Artsurfer.NL and Fatimas Nest

Surfing Tofinho with Artsurfer.NL and Fatimas Nest

Surfing Tofinho in summer can sometimes be a little slow. But not this year – the sand has filled right back into our favourite little bay. The waves are peeling from the very top right through to the Dragon – if you dare to try run that gauntlet!

There has been a crowd from Durban as usual. But they are not really a threat – there are waves enough for everyone.

Here is a small clip we put together with Guest photographer Moyez Ismail also clicked away…

Fatimas is right on the beach at Praia do Tofo. and Tofinho, her little sister, a click south. The fabulously pretty headland that is Tofinho, hosts the waves we all dream about surfing all the time. It’s a quick right-hander that really can growl when she wants to.

But these summer days, it is just plain fun, as you can see in the video. Girls literally take over these waves when they are like this.

Staying at Fatimas, in the bay at Tofo, puts you smack bang in the middle of all the surfing action. You can go up to Tofinho on low tide, or surf in the bay the rest of the tides. There are some real fun shorebreaks that pop up almost randomly. And often, when the stars line up, there are peeling right-handers as good as any hot doggin’ waves you ever saw.

For more options on getting on up to Tofo and the warm clear waters there…check out the following options…

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Enjoy the gallery…

Thanks to Moyez Ismail for the gallery shots.

Stay posted for what is coming up this December at Fatimas Nest, Praia do Tofo. The festive season is on the boil and pretty soon it should be chaos everywhere. And if you are lucky enough to have flung yourself as far as Inhambane in Mozambique, see you at Fatimas, for the Ocean Fest 2017!



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