FishBazaruto 2017 marlin season Final Reports

FishBazaruto 2017 marlin season Final Reports

Captain Duarte Rato submits and end of marlin season report from Bazaruto Island, filled with fantastic imagery and fishing stories. Tales of huge fish! Marlin over 1000lbs. Many just shy of the mark. Almost all marlin and sailfish are released by the highly trained and efficient team running the good boat Vamizi.

Click on over to Duarte’s report below…

Bazaruto Big Fish Season – End Nov early Dec ‘17 report 

A few shots from this weeks gallery…(c) FishBazaruto

FishBazaruto have been taking bookings now already for next years marlin season, which can start as early as September. Depending on the prevailing winds. If the South Easter howls through winter and into spring, and then gives way to the very mild low-pressure systems that can come through as we move into summer, the season can extend for months each side of November.

Duarte spends the whole December with his family. Greta and two boys who are growing up fast. And then starts again in January and fished his home waters of Bazaruto a while longer, until he heads on off chasing marlin all about the globe.

Get in touch with Duarte via and while you are there check through the archives of all his posts since 2011!

There is a video section, and so much interesting and relevant information about Bazaruto and its waters. Including a table referencing the best times for each fish regards season.


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