Summertime in Tofo

Summertime in Tofo

Summer has hit Tofo with a heatwave that takes some getting used to! Its a merry 25 degrees in the evenings, and soars to 35 or more in the daytime. It’s been a little rainy through November – it’s those days after the rain that come back with such vengeance.

But that is what everyone is here for – some R&R in the sun! Rest and recovery, not Rum and Morango!


The waves were waving in November, and the sand has stuck around the at the usual haunts, and looks to stay checked in right through December. But it’s out front of the market and down past Fatimas, that has been hosting the most surfers. Nice little shore breaks great for getting your grovel on! And staying fit!


The fish market tells stories of the couta being really on the bite. Some boats are back before 6am with a few fish already. But it’s the bottomfish that are of real quality. Big reds and snapper. Huge scavengers – like over a kilo each. Delicious! It’s great that these artisinal fishermen are still finding such high quality fish – it seems that rowboats as commercial fishers, might just be sustainable. This year on the Tofo side of the peninsula, we will be running kayak fishing trips, on the nice days.


The water has been quite clean and again, the diveys have reported loads of life on the reefs. Check out a real cool video by, shot yesterday, at Manta Reef, way down towards Guinjata and Coconut Bay. This reef, just south of Praia do Rocha, and about 3kms out to sea, is spectacular as you can see on the clip. The turtle leading the cast, actually lives there on Manta, most of the time. A nice surprise from last week, were the few straggling humpbacks. They do sometimes hang around into November, but very seldom December. A mother and calf were seen together by a dive crew.

And a gallery of things that happen in summertime in Tofo… tells of how you can get in on the summertime in Tofo and surrounds.

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