Ocean acidity becoming far too much – by John Hawthorne

Ocean acidity becoming far too much – by John Hawthorne

Author John Hawthorne delivers a compelling piece concerning yet another measure of the oceans healthiness – acidity levels. Plain old PH. We are losing the ideal levels to increasing acid, fast. Like really fast.

When you scale things over the last few centuries, we are really blowing it. Cars. Plastic. Electronics. All the trappings of life, are in fact the very vices we maintain, that are destroying the very environment we live in.

At the risk of sounding boring, I know it’s a tiresome subject, but as Mr. Hawthorne says at the link below, we just cannot, repeat, cannot ignore this warning. Or warnings. Please have read…and a watch, there are video presentation involved too!


It’s really encouraging that we still have authors ready to attack the very core problems we are blindly living with. Like in a trance as the proverbial ships goes down. So many just ignore these massive and real issues.

There is a tiny amount of light down the distant tunnel.

We, as humans, can change our stupid ways. And sharply. Mr. Hawthorne cites a few simple ways, in his cool prose. Read them pls.

Thank you John! Encore!

Rad marlin jumping photo by Captain Duarte Rato of FishBazaruto.com

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