Township Hyper for Mydos in Durban

Township Hyper for Mydos in Durban

Township Hyper is full of Mydos! As of this week, Township Hyper, just outside Durban, in Chatsworth, have loaded their shelves with The Mydo range.

All Mydos now come in a reusable transparent PVC and Velcro Lure Pouch, that never gets thrown away. They neaten your tackle box. You can find things so quick! They keep the boat much safer. The 450 micron PVC keeps the sharpest trebles out of the way. And they can keep just about anything splash proof and handy. They even take a cellphone! Car keys, ID and Passport…they come in many sizes.

But it’s what’s inside the Lure Pouches!

The MYDO Flappa spoon in high grade 316 Stainless Steel

The MYDO Lanispoon in high grade 316 Stainless Steel

The Mydo SS Spoon spread has been refined and targeted to specific species and zones. There are the heavier jigging/casting SS Dogtooth, the SS Tuna, the SS Yellowtail, and the SS Couta. These are really adaptable, and one rod on the boat should always be loaded and ready to fire with one of these spoons in the chamber. The lateral line holes allow air through, for massive and accurate casts. Those tuna can pop up 100m away and you still have a shot. If you crank the spoon on the surface at full speed, it puts on a show that you can see for miles. Leaving a trail of bubbles and cavitation caused the very same strategically placed lateral line holes, these lures are the best teasers ever. Fish chase them right into your spread! The opposite end of the scale – the bait catching weapons by Mydo, start tiny at 55mm (SS Shad 550) and 9g. These feather lights are for your 8lb braid stick, or bass rod, and entice picky little bonito far more effectively. Their light and lively swimming action is much more realistic too. And when fishing over ledges and rocks, you are far less likely to snag. The SS Lanispoon is a potent double blader, that gets to 120mm (SS Lanispoon 1200) and 50g. For your 20lb super spinning outfit with casting braid, this spoon produces results. It’s sibling is the SS Kob, 65mm to 120mm, weights topping out at 65g or so. These spoons are heavier with a thicker blade. Night time is the right time, slooooow. The SS Snoek, the SS Garrick, and the super successful SS Tarpon make up the middle ground.

The Mydo Luck SHot is available at Township Hyper in Chatsworth, Durban

The Mydo Luck SHot is available at Township Hyper in Chatsworth, Durban

The Mydo Luck Shot heavy duty dropshot jig head is articulated at the join between hook and head. The plastic bait swings freely but stays upright. It’s this configuration that you can exploit fully by adjusting your retrieve. The two sizes weigh in at just under an ounce rigged for the #1, and just under 2 ounces for the #2. During your cast, the head and bait conform to each other and the rig really flies through the air. On hitting the water, start cranking and the Luck Shot throws up water like a plug, making the commotion gamefish love, Then it drags a pocket of air down into the water with it, much like a kona. This bubble reflects light in all directions, it’s wild. And then as the bubble dissipates, it leaves behind it a stream of smokey micro bubbles like a trail, for excited gamefish to follow. You get the most action from a split tail, more elongated plastic. There are so many available, and colour doesn’t really matter – so just go for a nice tough plastic that still has some texture with action. To fish mid-waterater, allow the Luck Shot to sink to required depth, and then start to retrieve with erratic twitches aas you accelerate and delecerate. The swimming action has to be seen to be believed. Which is a great plan – work the lure in the water in front of you, until you achieve the action you are after. If you just crank medium pace, or troll, it has a mind of it’s own and darts side to side and up and down randomly. You don’t even have to tell it what to do! The slow kob retrieve – let the Luck Shot hit the ground, and then jerk it up and off the sand…allow it to hit the bottom. Burying itself in the sand a bit. Jerk it up again. The sand flies up making a cloud in the water. That kob are looking for. Go very slow. Put a paddle tail on for this type of fishing rather. The hook, by nature of the luck shots’ articulated design, is set further back in the plastic – for a better hook up rate. Try it!

Perfect Couta Bait – The MYDO Baitswimmer # 4 rigged with a mackerel

The original Mydo – the and tried and tested Mydo Baitswimmer, is where all the above innovations spurned from. The concept of the head imparting action to the bait, is what the Mydo our patents are based on. As you troll the Mydo Baitswimmer, rigged with your favourite bait, the keel keeps the rig from spinning, and the aeronautical designed profiles and blades on the head, provide the side to side swimming action, via the pin. This is applied to the Luck Shots too. And unbelievably, when Brian Davey, the original inventor and designer of all things Mydo, applied the same aeronautical engineering principles, to his spoons too. The Baitswimmers come in many sizes. The #1 is a mere 40 grams, whilst the heaviest weighs in at a whopping 752g. These were designed for deep-dropping for broadbill, or trolling a big bonito in the spread. The heads in between these two extremes make up the spread of Baitswimmers. You can swim any bait perfectly. Even if you have just started! Fishing with bait provides far more finesse to your repertoire. Dragging artificials will get a fish or two, but fishing with bait, dead or alive, is where it’s at.

And a quick Mydo gallery of what is available at Township Hyper…

And a map for getting to Township Hyper…

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