Mias Benoni is full of Mydos

Mias Benoni is full of Mydos

It’s official – Mias Benoni is full of Mydos!

From the innovative and ever-expanding Mydo SS Spoon range, to the super fun Mydo Luck Shot, the ever faithful Mydo Baitswimmer – and the all-new Mydo Lure Pouches – you can get them all at the Mias Benoni tackle store.

Use this map to navigate there right now…

Mias and Mydo have had an ongoing business relationship for three decades. Mias was instrumental in getting The Mydo on the Map, way back in the eighties. And The Sardine was there too. As a printed tabloid, The Sardine had the Mydo marketing profile, from all the way back then.

Having moved the whole effort online and onto social, we now have a more direct line to our clients. And we are able to react to our customers’ requirements directly.

The 2017 Mydo Range


JP Bartholomew fishing on the Mydo team in Mauritius catching loads of bluefin kingfish on his Mydo SS Spoon range.

JP Bartholomew fishing on the Mydo team in Mauritius catching loads of bluefin kingfish on his Mydo SS Spoon range.

The SS Spoon range was developed with the input of many professional anglers. Including the usual suspects down in Port St. Johns – who literally designed their own spoon – the SS Kob series. These twin bladers – one of 2mm, and one of 1.2mm, rattle and shake through the water. Worked nice and slow, these spoons have taken many, many kob.


The Luck Shot dropshot jigheads are heavy and duty and just so much more fun, the way they dart around and actually swim. Like nothing on the market at all. The Mustad Kendall Round hooks we use, are just so much more reliable. And the articulated design makes for the radical darting, swerving, ducking and diving swimming options. Watch this quick video to learn more…


MYDO Baitswimmer #2 with Billlplate

MYDO Baitswimmer #2 with Billlplate

The MYDO Baitswimmers, the basis of all the Mydo designs and patents, has always been the most reliable option when after your trophy gamefish. Billfish, couta, tuna, kingfish, jobfish, wahoo, dorado…these are the type of fish that gulp down a fresh bait rigged to swim perfectly on a Mydo Baitswimmer. Made in many sizes, from the 1.5 Oz # 1, to the 750g # 7, there is a Mydo Baitswimmer for all gamefishing with bait requirements.


The all-new Mydo Lure Pouches not only save the environment from callously discarded packaging, but it also keeps your boat, ski or tackle box, completely free from tangles and disarray.

Mydo Pouch with hard plastic lure

Mydo Pouch with hard plastic lure. Treble hook wounds right out of the picture now!

The pouches are transparent, and come in every size.

If your local tackle store doesn’t want to stock The Mydo range (any dealers keen on stocking pure South African bred and made and sold lures, get in touch please on umzimkulu@gmail.com), you can buy online at the following link:


We use Postnet to deliver, and only do EFT’s.

Delivery takes but a few days.






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