Last chance at Windows 10 for FREE

Last chance at Windows 10 for FREE

If you, like me, ended up with one of your machines not upgraded to Windows 10, before the cut off date way back then, there is another way out. Way out. Well yes, a way out of the nonsensical Windows 8.x operating systems, for sure. And also, to get past the bloated Windows habit of building resources continually, in systems even before 8.x.

The new Windows is touted to be a stripped down racer model of the old Windows. The best was retained. And the worst was worked on. Windows 10 is inherently far more stable than any older version whatsoever. I have yet to encounter a blue screen, although I hear they do occur. Programmes that hang, always come back if you just leave them be, to sort out their arguments with themselves.

Device drivers are a distant speck in the rearview mirror of incompatibility highway. Anything plugs and plays nowadays.

And the syncing between devices actually works. So do the cloud integrations. The add-ons and add-outs.

It all works!

For a really weird Microsoft reason, Windows 10 is now available as a free upgrade and download, to anyone who uses Assistive Technologies. I qualified myself with my real useless close-up vision.

Just navigate to the following link;

Make sure you have a few gigs spare on your data line, and click the Upgrade button.

It’s painless compared to the original roll out. And is the Windows 10 Anniversary version – the latest of everything. It is still about 3gigs so make sure you are prepared for all that data to disappear.

You have until the 31 December 2017, to take advantage of this quirky but Microsoft free offer. I do not think this will ever happen again, so if you need to, do it now!

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