The Sardine News on TV – Inhaca GT and other stories

The Sardine News on TV – Inhaca GT and other stories

Getting a trip together with Bino Nordine, out off Inhaca and Macanete, made my entire last month in Mozambique! Fetching me from Fatima’s nice ‘n early, although almost not early enough, as we took a while to get ship shape and beyond the threatening low tide. But soon we were passing Xevina Island and it’s crazy archaic looking prison ruins.

There used to be so many sharks here, that it was the ultimate prison. Free enforcers! From a reliable source, I heard that Samora himself hid out on this forsaken little island – here was the safest he could be – in full view of Maputo!

A quick stop at the “turning buoy”, a few casts and a few chases, but off we had to go, in lieu of a beasterly easterly that was forecast And never came!). It’s a good 20 miles to the reefs. But eish, what reef. Scattered over a large area, kind of joined though, and dropping from 20 metres to 40 and more, in no time. Reef and pinnacles, all full of showings, all over the place. It was a question of finding the fish that were feeding, rather than finding the fish. There were fish everywhere! We caught a bunch, letting most go. A couta and a kakaap for the pan came home!

When we got a live bait out finally then, a stupid hammerhead came knocking, biting the tail right off our hard earned hapless bonnie. Getting the bonnie away from the shark, we teased him for some fun. Aggro little hammerhead!

Tottering around, from showing to showing, reef to reef, eventually, we were finding more and more promise on theĀ  underwater TV Channel (by Garmin). Bino, from years and years out here, knows exactly how to position for a drift accounting for all the many variables that this takes. Then it happened, Bino went away solid. In fact, the fish was so aggro, it hit and missed twice before Bino found jaw and hooked up. It was a long hard fight which turned out to be Binos biggest GT, by estimate. Enjoy the video…! Like and subscribe and whatever tx!

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