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Croc Couta by Marco van Wyk opens the season

Croc couta by Marco van Wyk Nov 2017

Croc Couta by Marco van Wyk opens the season

This Croc Couta by Marco van Wyk opens the season for our favourite summer gamefish – the couta! This a real nice and early fish and bodes well for another bumper couta season. The smaller fish usually swim by this early, the bigger couta show up in April or so. And hang around right into August, before disppearing for a few months again.

The diving conditions this week have been below average with cold water and fish being sporadic. Some good fish did come out though. Saturday the east blows from early morning and the swell runs at two meters plus. Sunday we have more East with the swell dropping off later in the day. So it looks like it’s a family weekend. Well done to Bryce Buis on getting fish of the week a 37kg GT and Marco Van Wyk getting club merit fish a decent Croc couta! As always dive safe and straight spears.

Jason Heyne

Fish with Captain Duarte Rato...A few 1000lb fish boated by mistake, mostly tagged and released/ dudas7mares@gmail.com or + 258 82 805 716 / + 258 84 639 0466


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