Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo

Fatimas for breakfast in Tofo

“Matabichu”, as breakfast in Tofo is called (in local Inhambane language Bithonga) – starts at a spritely 7am as Fatimas Nest’s kitchen staff stand ready to serve scrumptious breakfast and meals daily. And in the fast pace of Tofo life – diving, surfing, kayaks, fishing, partying – this meal is ever important.

Sitting out on the deck to welcome the day with a coffee and a chow. Breakfast in Tofo.

News from Tofo

Tofo has become business as usual since the Cyclone Dineo swept through earlier this year. Most damage has been repaired, but there are still scars about showing the devastation. Local business and community banded together to take care of the most vulnerable – the aged and the very young. The rest of the community were able to adapt and survive just fine, but the extreme age groups needed special attention. Fatimas, as usual, was very involved in these community rebuilding projects.

The tourists have been ever supportive and understanding. And basically, all the places that were damaged have received complete facelifts, and all look great.

The whale sharks and manta rays, co-hosts to divers and snorkelers, along with the dolphins and whales and all sorts of marine life have been very obliging as of late. Many encounters with these beautiful marine animals are being experienced daily. It is a great time of the year right now. Not too hot yet. And the sealife is abuzz. Bait balls can be seen all day. The market is full of fresh fish. Smiles on everyones faces!

To learn more about Fatimas in Tofo and in Maputo (conveniently connected by daily bus), click on over to their comprehensive and informative website…



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