Releasing a marlin with Captain Duarte Rato

Releasing a marlin with Captain Duarte Rato

You could write a book on releasing marlin, there are so many variables at play. And if one person could write that book, it would be Captain Duarte Rato, of, operating off Bazaruto, and all round the world. Duarte gets to fish Baz through the current season, and then the rest of the year, he chases marlin from the Great Barrier Reef, to the Ascension Isles, Madeira and the Azores!

This cool little clip was shot this week as Duarte and his crew skilfully release a small black marlin for Carl Jankowitz, off Bazaruto, Inhambane, Southern Mozambique.

Releasing a marlin off Bazaruto with Captain Duarte Rato

For budding wiremen out there, take note of the successful hook extraction without even touching the fish at all. Apart from some bill grabbing, this fish never even smelt a human hand. Gloved up and using a proper hook extractor, this is the way to release a fish healthy.

Duarte has also been leaning towards using single hooks out there too. The truth is that there are so many more fish off Bazaruto, that you can be sporting and use singles, to facilitate quick and effective release. Double hooks certainly help hook up and sticking rates, but they really can damage the fish. Hooks in eyes. Gills. Not nice at all. Especially the chain gang rig. That thing is lethal. Unsporting to say the least. And then there is the potential danger to the wireman and crew. An extra hook flailing about during the fight and ultimately the release can spell sheer disaster if things go wrong.

For the newbies to the scene, take note that the boat never stops moving forward. The idea is to have the fish alongside, keeping the bill up out if the water. and therefore in control. You are literally planing the fish on top of the water as you get the tag in and the hook out.

Check back for more video and instruction by Captain Duarte Rato.

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Report by The Sardine News.


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