The Chit Chat Fishing Group Series 1 October 2017 held at Ifafa

The Chit Chat Fishing Group Series 1 October 2017 held at Ifafa

It was a fantastic day out for the lucky members of the Chit Chat Fishing Group, this last Sunday. The weather played fair. The fishing at Ifafa was great. Anglers had heaps of fun. And everybody won a prize of some sort!

Even the southbound Humpback Whales came to the party! There were literally dozens of them traveling past. Aerial displays, huge splashes, fin slapping- the whole performance.

In the spirit of conservation, the day’s event was dressed up with the grand prize going to – “the best photograph of the event”. And most fish went straight back to where they came from. Other prizes included Best Fish, Best Catch…and rolled into Best Gilly, Best Beach Cleaner…and then to Smallest Fish, Worse Fisherman and so on. The laughter could be heard on the highway. It was such a fun prizegiving!

MYDO Fishing Lures from Port Shepstone, MTD Tackle in Scottburgh, Henry Built Custom Rods and Repairs were some of the many sponsors. Donating tackle and equipment. The Spur in Scotties was mentioned, and a few more like-minded businesses who like to associate with the fun that social fishing is.

We are bust processing the gallery right now (there are hundreds of awesome shots), and will be able to choose the winner of the R500 Voucher from Mydo Fishing Lures, in the not too distant future.

Check back soon to see who takes away the R500 MYDO Voucher~!

2 comments for “The Chit Chat Fishing Group Series 1 October 2017 held at Ifafa

  1. chantz
    Oct 2, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Hey Sardine,
    Awesome post and yes all who attended the COMPO in Ifafa Beach yesterday had an absolute blast. And no one went home empty handed.

    Thanks to all sponsors for the prizes

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