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Saturdays KZN spearing report on Monday

KZN spearing report weekly correspondent Jason Heyne made the headlines of his own news column with this huge 31kg daga salmon that Jason has been hunting his whole life

Saturdays KZN spearing report on Monday

Well it’s been one of those weeks, too busy to keep up! However Jason Heyne keeps his life simple enough, and is always on time with his KZN spearing report. And this weekend was a special one as Jason humbly acknowledges the fish of the week. A fish Jason has been hunting for his whole life! A 31 kg Daga Salmon! Great fish pal! – Xona

The diving conditions this week have been above average with some decent fish coming out. Big daga salmon, garrick and brusher are around if you look for them. Saturday a light onshore blows during the day with the swell running at 1.2m. There is a swell period change and direction change so the surf might jack. Sunday the sea is like a lake and a light south West blows all day. Viz was reported south today. So both days are looking good. Well done to me (Jason Heyne) on getting biggest fish of the week and club merit fish of the week a 31kg daga salmon! we had guest speaker Markus Potgieter give as a run down on shorediving kit and rig which was most informative. We will be having a guest speaker at every club meeting from now on. Meetings are held at wings bar Virginia airport downstairs at the lapa. Braai and drinks available at the bar. Meetings are every second Thursday night from 6pm. As always dive safe and straight spears.

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