Craft Shop for Fishing Tackle in Margate

Craft Shop for Fishing Tackle in Margate

Mydo Lures are happy to announce that their availability of their fishing tackle in Margate, South Africa,  is on the increase.

The Craft Shop, an institution down on the lower south coast of KZN Natal, has been stocking a locally focused range of fishing tackle in Margate and boating items, for decades. They even got outboard motors for sale!

And now they stock The Mydo too!

The fishing tackle section of The Craft Store is run by angler Mervyn, who has the backup of Mnr. Steyn, with many years of fishing and boating the south coast waters. The Mydos available at Craft are – the lively Luck Shot jigheads, the SS Spoon range and Mydo Baitswimmers. Each lure with it’s own application suited to the fishing challenges and opportunities that the south coast beat has to offer.

The boating section inside The Craft Store, is thorough. From lifejackets to propellors to fittings to…everything you need for safe boating and your seaworthy certificate.

Prices are great and the service is excellent!

BTW – The Craft Shop is a full on hardware store actually. That also features an art department and more. It’s a bit of an all-in-one place. Just make some time to make a visit by and get through all those aisles!

To get to The Craft Shop, follow this easy map…

You can get in touch with The Craft Shop via Facebook too…where you can see just why they are such a huge hit with the people of the KZN Natal South Coast.

Or just pop right in!


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