Fish of the week shot by Richard Colyn- a 28.4kg ‘Couta

Fish of the week shot by Richard Colyn- a 28.4kg ‘Couta

A big thank you to Jason Heyne for his weekly spearfishing report. This week featuring a beautiful king mackereal aka ‘couta by Richard Colyn…

The diving conditions have been below average this week with only 2 days being good. The usual winter suspects are around with some fat winter king macs coming out far north.  Saturday morning the swell runs at 2.5m  with a light to moderate north east wind in the afternoon dropping the swell to 2m. Sunday morning the swell has dropped to a manageable 1.5m with a light to moderate south West wind in the afternoon picking the swell up to 1.8m. So it looks like Sunday is a green light for a dive.. Viz was reported south today. Fish of the week  was shot by Richard Colyn a respectable 28.4kg ‘couta! As always dive safe and straight spears

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