Max Mogeson’s first Rock Salmon

Max Mogeson’s first Rock Salmon

A few weekends back we had a huge influx of fishing mad kids down at the Umzimkulu Marina. Including a chap named Max who took the right ride out to rock salmon alley, on the Mad Mullet. He caught his first rock salmon – and so he brought it home and cooked it for his Mom.

With a magnificent turnaround in weather conditions, the fish in the Umzimkulu came alive this sunny 19th August 2017 morning.

Fishing brothers Liam and Jarrod Gallagher were up at crackers loading the Mad Mullet with her powerful new 4 horse Yamaha. Their mate Max Mogeson made up the three anglers and Brian Lange was at the helm.

After getting the boat back to seaworthy after the recent rains nearly flooded The Mad Mullet, the lucky anglers left the Umzimkulu Marina in high spirits. Liam had netted a live mullet so they headed straight for rock salmon alley.

It wasn’t long before Jarrod was jammed up against the gunwhale as a serious rock salmon came to fight. He was actually a bit too serious and ended up winning hands down.

Live bait gone.

And so they switched to lures and trolled along the northern channel towards the river mouth.

Bang the rod went again. So Max was given a go at his first gamefish. It worked him hard and he had tired arms and deep breath by the time it was flapping on the deck.

Being his first rockie, Max was allowed to take it back to base for a braai.

And a big thank you to The Sardine News correspondent and photographer Tracey Saayman for always being on the spot.

Max Mogeson's first Rock Salmon

Max Mogeson’s first Rock Salmon. Max is on the left, Liam and Sienna Gallagher on the right. Max says he will throw them all back from now on – but this rock salmon was delicious on the braai in foil and garlic butter!

Then the next crew of kids got all excited and Calum and older brother Kyle Saayman headed across in their little boat – Unsinkable 2. They had been schooled in the art of fishing awith a sardine head and soon Kyle was fighting his first rock salmon too. Jack Russells Chelsea and Satch were unfortunately on the boat too, and they cannot control themselves with rock salmon, or any fish for that matter. So they jumped on the lively fish. The fish jumped back at them and a dorsal spine went straight through the pontoon. Calum jumped to stick something in the hole, the dogs came back into the ring, Kyle grabbed the injured fish and someone fell onto one of the rods and smashed two of the eyes. Chaos!

There was no ways that rock salmon was going to make it back into the water, and it also became Mom’s lunch!

[peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Kyle Saayman and his first rock salmon. Caught in the Umzimkulu Estuary on his boat Unsinkable 2. Using a sardine head as bait…” type=”image” alt=”FullSizeRender-1.jpg” image_size=”768×1024″ ]


They also promise the next ones will go back…

And a few pics from recent weekends at the Umzimkulu Marina…


2 comments for “Max Mogeson’s first Rock Salmon

  1. Pierre Veldman
    Sep 3, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Aweh, congratulations to the young lads on their catch. What it tasty fish for your mum. The next generation of ” Hook, line and sinker”.

  2. Pierre Veldman
    Sep 3, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Aweh, congratulations to the young lads on their catch. What a tasty fish for your mum. The next generation of ” Hook, line and sinker”.

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