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Brusher reported by KZN Spearos

Brusher reported by KZN Spearos

Brusher reported by KZN Spearos. As well as the usual suspects, posts Jason Heyne from Durban waters.

The diving conditions this week have been below average with one or two good days. A huge low pressure system has moved in and the sea is literally on its head today (Friday). Brusher have started making an appearance and the usual suspects (garrick, snook, couta and daga salmon) are around. Saturday morning the south West continues to blow dropping off during the day with the swell running at 3m dropping off to 2m late in the day. Sunday morning a light offshore wind blows switching to a moderate north east later in the day with the swell running at 1.8m. Viz was reported south today. So it looks like Sunday morning may be diveable. Well done Peter Jacobs on getting fish of the week a very respectable garrick of 16.8kg! As always dive safe and straight spears

To all like minded conservationists…pls sign against shark nets below…Tx




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