25 July 2017 Sardine report

25 July 2017 Sardine report

Our 25 July 2017 Sardine report is also about mackerel, as Rob Nettleton of Offshore Africa off Port St. Johns reports on a bait ball of mackerel they had loads of fun with today!


Now you got to ask, did the tinned mackerel you just bought from the supermarket come from our own waters? They are the self-same species! And the tin says Made in China!

How are our mackerel ending up in tins in our supermarkets? Read my conspiracy theory here…

How do our Scomber Japonicus (our KZN mackerel), end up in cans?

Further north, at Umgababa, sardines were netted successfully. They are spread out everywhere up and down the KZN South Coast. Generally the shoals are moving north, and there have been predators on their case too.

The fishing in the Port Shepstone area and south, has been really hot. Epic tales of huge daga salmon in the 30kg range. Garrick feeding on the surface and in the shorebreak. Buckets of shad being poached, with no more Ezimvelo on the beaches to stop the wholesale slaughter of yet another fish population?!

It really is up to us, the fishermen who care about what goes on, to step in and try stop the madness. The custodians of the mantel that protects our ocean and beaches, are ill-equipped and very inexperienced. In fact, they are asking us for help – to report in bad fishing behaviour! Shore anglers annihalating shad, or trawlers hauling out our mackerel.


  •  079 773 6514 for Inspector Teyise who is at sea most times, on trawler patrol
  • Senior Marine Conservation Inspector Mr. Bongani Pitoyi is on 071 765 2533, and is extremely helpful.
  • Deputy Director Mr Moshani on 076 780 5049

So do your bit, contact these guys whenever and wherever you see illegal fishing activities going on.

You have been deputised!

Trawler watch link is here…http://thesardine.co.za/2017/07/17/trawler-watch-2017-reporting-procedure/

Don’t forget, no more tinned fish. Tinned fish = Trawler petrol.

Tinned fish = Trawler petrol.

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