Sardine activity intensifies: Sardine report 17 July 2017

Sardine activity intensifies: Sardine report 17 July 2017

After the wild weather and waves of the last week, the sardine activity being reported from down in the Transkei, is intensifying. More sardines. More dolphins. More birds. More fish. More everything!

This in from Debbie Smith way down in the Port St. Johns area…

“Its been a cracker of a season. still baitballs today. south west has blown for 2 days, surf is a bit gnarly, viz is abit low, surprising for after the swest but water temp is a steady 19.5.”

But Jay Steenkamp of the Natal Sharks Board received very little sardine news today so far.

With the adverse weather caused by a trio of cold fronts moving across the country and up the coastline, the air temperature has plummeted. So now we have a few more things lining us up for some sardines up in KZN. Steady 19 degrees water and cold air are two vital ingredients.

For the first time this year really too, birds were seen patrolling the backline, in tight formation – on the KZN Lower South Coast.

Now with the next cold front forcing it’s way through to here by about Wednesday or Thursday, this is no time to be giving up hope!

Eyes on the horizon!

Some action from the Offshore Africa team…who are taking bookings for next years Sardine Run front row seats.

The Sardine Report 2017 has been made possible by Fishing’s Finest in Pretoria. Distributors of Pelagic Fishing Gear.

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Special offer from Pelagic and Fishing’s Finest

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