Bliksem groot tuna wins at Shelley Beach 2017

Bliksem groot tuna wins at Shelley Beach 2017

After an interesting week of fishing, the absolutely magnificent yellow fin tuna caught on Bliksem, took first prize. At the 2017 Mercury Shelley Beach fishing tourney held this past week.

40.9kg’s May not break the scales in Cape waters, but here in KZN Natal, that is a seriously big yellowfin. Massive actually. The normal tuna we catch here only hang about until they hit about 35kg’s. Making them sexually mature. Which is the point in their lifecycle when these bigger fish hit the tuna lanes out deep. Half way between us and Madagascar and all the way down to Cape Town – on that line. About two hundred miles out.  And become breeding stock. And open season to anyone with a ship!

Overall the fishing wasn’t that great, but as usual it was a well run event with lots of excitement and thrills.

A great fish for a winner!

Thanks to Craig Bell Roberts at The Tackle Box in Shelley Beach, for keeping us up-to-date and for providing the photographs.

Click here for more information on The Tackle Box.

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