Sardine and Shad Report July 2017

Sardine and Shad Report July 2017

A combined shad and sardine report for this 3 July 2017. Been getting plenty requests for information on the shad and their whereabouts this year. Well it’s an easy one – they are everywhere! The further south into the Transkei is where you have a better chance of catching then big ones, but otherwise, the smallies have swept through like locusts and are literally on every reef and beach.

Headlands and points like The Block at Port Shepstone were carpeted with anglers who literally set up for the day. Braais and skottels. Cooler Boxes. Umbrellas.


Nope, there is absolutely NO representation of the LAW whatsoever. Anywhere!

Handing the mantel of such an important job to DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) has been the biggest disaster for shad and other sensitive marine animals, EVER. The experienced Ezimvelo, who have been policing the shad anglers for decades and decades, and have amassed loads of experience – even down to knowing individuals, have been FIRED.

And in their place are DAFF officials.

I have never seen ONE yet?! In amongst thousands of anglers up and down the KZN South Coast, not ONE!

Buckets of shad are being hauled away as fast as they are being caught. It is so sad to the public at large taking such advantage of a delicate situation. And when next year comes, and the next, and there are no shad again, they will be the ones bitching too!

There are people selling shad all along the N2 Durban to Port Edward.

As for the sardines, they seem to have benefited from some protection this year, and were allowed past Port Elizabeth! Offshore Africa in Port ST. Johns report sardines EVERYWHERE! The screen snap (featured image) of the fish finder / echo sounder, was taken by Rob out off The Transkei this morning.




Sardine and Shad Report 2017 sponsored by Pelagic available at

Sardine and Shad Report 2017 sponsored by
Pelagic available at


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