2017 Sardine Report June 30

2017 Sardine Report June 30

Sardine Spy Jay Steenkamp compiled this piece of news yesterday…with cool gallery depicting from whence the news comes. Nice and deep in the Transkei…

Howzit. Still loads of Bottlenose Dolphins moving north along backline. In the deep lots of whales moving north.
For the last 3 days and this morning Port St John’s has been very active.
Let’s hope we get a decent cold front to push them up. The sea temp has dropped to 18 so that’s good news.

The Elephant Seal in the pic, about the size of a big rotweiler, must have been on some kind of mission when he pitched up here on the KZN South Coast. And posed for Jay.

Also from Offshore Africa in Port St Johns, came reports of Skipjack Tuna joining the frey. This is great news – skipjack are fiesty fighters with bad manners around the boat too. Great to throw little MYDO spoons at, with your 20lb braid filled spinning outfit. They also come close to shore and can easily be cast to from the rocks, especially at places like Orange Rocks or the Margate Pier.

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