The sards are coming!

The sards are coming!

The sards are coming! – that’s the word from Offshore Africa down in Port St. Johns.

Debbie Smith and Rob Nettleton make up the backbone of the team operating down there at the moment. And they are right there at the starting gates of the annual Sardine Run, this 2017.

Yesterday, their reporting of some close encounters with the ever interesting Bryde’s Whale chowing down bait balls at a time – and today – this from Debbie…

Rob is on his 3rd baitball again today. Vvv stoked. Just off 2nd beach
Now ball 4. Ocean going off all over here today. Pilot says large ball at mbotyi as well. Its alive
More authentic proof that the sardines are well on their way to us right now! Thank you Offshore Africa!
This years sardine reports are sponsored by… – importers and distributors of Pelagic Fishing Gear

1 comment for “The sards are coming!

  1. Joos
    Jun 29, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    The last Sardine update was 27/06/2017.
    Please can we get another update?

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