Sardine Report 2017 mid June: Umkomaas Baitball spotted

Sardine Report 2017 mid June: Umkomaas Baitball spotted

Social Media is keeping us well up-to-date with anything sardines, and this recent Facey post from Umkomaas waters is tantalising evidence that the show is about to start. really have their finger on the pulse.

And along with Offshore Africa down in Port St. Johns, and SeaCandy Media in East London, we got most of the coastline covered.

Stay tuned for more imagery and video from these professional sardine run tour operators.

And don’t forget to pop into Mannie’s in the middle of Umkomaas, where you can get fresh advice, fresh bait, fresh produce and fresh vegetables, all in the same place. Now that’s a convenience store!

You can read more about Mannie’s here/…

Fishing Umkomaas with Mannies and Mydos

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