MYDO Fishing Lures say no to single-use plastic

MYDO Fishing Lures say no to single-use plastic

In a stroke of good conscience and sharpened pencils, Mydo Fishing Lures have finally solved the world-wide problem – of single-use plastic, being used as packaging for fishing tackle!

MYDO Handy Pouch

MYDO Handy Pouch

Mydo’s now all come in a resilient lure pouch – included in the price! (you can also buy them on their own). They are made from clear PVC, and sealed with Velcro. Tough and versatile. Not only do your Mydos want to live in a lure pouch – but also your couta traces, daisy chains and even konas. Made in many sizes and shapes, you can also find many more diverse adaptations – like sunglasses pouch, or other valuables (it ain’s waterproof no – but provides a solid barrier against splashes, scratches and scuffs).

But it’s in the tackle box and on the boat, that you will appreciate Mydos new lure pouches the most. No more tangles! Not even possible. Even Sabikis and Yozuris can be forced to behave – locked in behind some velcro and 450 microns of plastic.

And you can wrap the pouch around a lure or trace, whilst it is still on the rod (see featured image below)! This increases safety on the boat and whilst traveling.

We are endeavouring to get around to all our retailers to swop out the old packaging for lure pouches, but there are 90 of them! All over southern Africa. So if you do buy Mydos with the older packaging, please discard responsibly, send us a mail, and we will sort you out with a few pouches in the post (pls send receipt from shop).

The pouches are produced in-house  –  we have our factory in Johannesburg. This is also where the Mydo SS Spoon range is put together too. Get in touch and pop in of you are ever in the area. Contact Sean on

If your local tackle store doesn’t stock The Mydo, click on over to the website at and order online.

Or use the menu at the top of this page to navigate the Mydo range.


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