Marlin on a Coffee Grinder

Marlin on a Coffee Grinder

Carl Jankowitz, fishing with Captain Duarte Rato out off Cape Verde, really wanted a marlin on a coffee grinder. Well, not just any coffee grinder – his trusty Stella. Which you can also use to winch your boat up onto your trailer after fishing, if you need to!

And so, the reel filled with some high powered braid, and attached to a solid jigging type stick – the team proceeded to raise and bait a hot tempered blue marlin or two. Resulting in one very good release, as the Stella and Carl were able to put the required amount of drag and pressure.

You can read the full story on over at where updates from Duarte’s fishing adventures are posted. And bget in touch there if you want in on the marlin action, as Duarte follows them around the world – Cape Verde, Ascension Isles, Great Barrier Reef, Madeira, and of course, his favourite – Bazaruto.

And check this video out of how the guys in Cape Verde release their marlin…

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The show moves back to Bazaruto in September, and there are a few slots still available. Bazaruto has long been the favourite for producing new world record sized black marlin – the current IGFA record by Alfred Glassel was caught in Cabo Blanco over half a century ago…1560 lbs!

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