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Anthony Kobrowisky’s underwater sardine action videography is going mainstream

SeaCandyMedia by Anthony Kobrowisky

Anthony Kobrowisky’s underwater sardine action videography is going mainstream

Anthony Kobrowisky’s underwater videography is going mainstream – with him recently being featured on MSN!

Watch his big moment at this link…


As Southern Africa’s annual sardine run kicks into gear, you can count on streams of seemingly unreal underwater scenes from way down deep, by Ant and his crew.

This, all shot within the last week or less…the shoals of sardines are being harrassed by predators of all kinds. Dolphins and sharks kind of dominate, but then the real gung-ho characters – the gannets, start their striking underwater bombardment, reaching way into the depths. Trails of bubbles marking their high speed plunges. Then once they are down there, they just gracefully swim around, in amongst the predators, as if they were fish too. Picking off sardines one by one, until they got hit the skies for some air!

The action is intense and whatever equipment Ant is using is the right stuff. High definition and true colours – the material you can see now, hasn’t even been processed yet. After the season Ant will have the time to make a full production out of all his epic footage.

Keep up the good work Ant!

See more of Ant’s work on Facey at…


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