Blue marlin release by Captain Duarte Rato: video

Blue marlin release by Captain Duarte Rato: video

Duarte takes on camera duty whilst the crew do battle with a fiesty blue marlin off Cape Verde this week.

Take note how the fish performs and what speeds it changes direction. This fish was very green still, luckily it wasn’t so big and a healthy release was achieved.

Duarte fishes Cape Verde with his clients this time of the year, every year – he will be over there until after July. So we can expect a constant stream of marlin fishing action from those wild waters. They only start fishing there when the wind drops to 20knots! But it’s right in the marlin¬†lanes and the blues love the place!

We are all now looking forward to the Bazaruto marlin season,¬†starting in September – when those huge blacks pull through to have fun and torture sport anglers. Get in touch with Duarte via his ultra-cool website, filled with edifying photography of the magnificent fish he chases all over the planet…

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There are links on the video to the official FishBazaruto playlist, or click here…or watch below…



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