Video: Captain Duarte Rato in the hot seat with marlin on the Great Barrier Reef

Captain Duarte Rato in the hot seat with a marlin on the Great Barrier Reef

A great video that really captures the madness as it goes into overdrive action when tackling big angry billfish. Black marlin in this case – who carry the mantel of open ocean speedsters, reportedly hitting 127kmh! These are marlin on the Great Barrier Reef. Being chased down and tagged by the highly regarded bill fishing team aboard charter boat – The Tradition.

Check out more of Duarte’s escapades fishing around the world by clicking here. Cape Verde is his current location, and his company, based in Vilankulos, can arrange your ultimate fishing adventure also to The Ascension Islands, Madeira, the Great Barrier Reef and most importantly – Bazaruto. On the best boats available.

Bazaruto is acclaimed to be the next world record location for either a black or blue. Many have been encountered lately, some have been taken out after being sharked or tail wrapped. The biggest was aiming for about 1450 pounds before two monster tiger sharks took some serious chunks out of her.

Duarte aims to release all of his fish, and enjoys a helluva track record. You can actually delve in and read about Duarte’s many trips on his website. Duarte has diligently kept record of each and every trip he has taken – starting way back in 2011!

Read his regularly updated Captain’s Blog by clicking right here…


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