Gearing up for shad season

Gearing up for shad season

Gearing up for shad season has become real fun as the market has presented us with so many ways to catch these delicious and sporty fish.

You don’t even need bait anymore!

Catching shad on lures, normally spoons, has been the national favourite past time for many. Now the art has been augmented with a wide range of options for the lure angler. Shad love it shiny whatever the colour. And a slow retrieve with gentle twitches to get the spoon acting like a live bait.

Leave the bait at home!

From MYDO we have the radical new range of SS Spoons. The twin blade design with lateral line holes together create a lot more fuss than regular spoons. The twin blades provide underwater sound that shad and kob love to hear. The lateral line holes make for huge casts on such light lures as they fly through the air unhindered aerodynamically. Then when the lure hits the water, the holes create cavitation of air and water leading to all sorts of wild and fish enticing effects. Bubbles and spray flying everywhere! Smoky bubble trails that fish can see for miles.

The shad season has been open a while now, but it’s usually from about now on, that things really start hotting up. As much as dreams are free – when divers Marc and Pierre (pictured below), saw and shot this giant shad – it was one of a shoal all about the same size. This shad had a karanteen trace in it’s mouth when it was taken off Chaka’s Rock in Umtentweni, KZN South Coast.

Marc-Lange-and-Pierre-de-Villiers-8.7kg-Shad. Shad season


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