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Chris Leppan marlin on kayak

Chris Leppan marlin on kayak

Chris Leppan again with an authentic Durban marlin taken from his Kayak. Unfortunately the fish was wounded so Chris tied it to his waist and paddled the 80kg estimated fish in through the surf.

The fish took a modified StrikePro hard plastic bait which Chris was towing around off Durban North, quite near the backline. Whilst hunting for snoek (queen mackeral). Quite ironically, a marlin fishing boat was trolling right next to Chris when the black marlin decided to jump on the tiny white lure.

Quite a performance Chris, we cannot wait to see what you get up to next?!

It’s been a great billfish season so far with the sheer numbers of baby black marlin making the news most times. Although Chris’ fish was not that small at 80kg’s, some cute little guys in the twenties have been getting snared by anglers up and down the East Coast of Africa. Including two taken off Margate Pier, along with a bunch of dorado?! And quite a few more on the north coast. Wether or not this proliferation is good news for the future, or that they are the known small guys from the Pemba area, will only be found out when the tags say something.

Use a MYDO Baitswimmer #2 with a little mackerel, drag it along the backline in the blue water somewhere, and catch and release your own baby black! They really perform at these young ages, outperforming their parents for a real spectacle!

Cameras ready!

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