Chris Leppan Couta at Pomene from the beach

Chris Leppan Couta at Pomene

Featuring: A great reality clip of Chris’ croc couta at Pomene, caught from the beach, on a recent adventure up to ‘this paradisical place.

Meeting Chris Leppan down here at The Umzimkulu Marina for a weekend and his entourage of enthusiastic ocean people was game enough. But seeing his collection of amazing fishing stunts pulled off lately, takes things to a new level. I thought he was just a surfer?!

Not only will you read about here in upcoming weeks, and see videos of, huge king mackerel taken from the beach like the one featured in this video below. But also of even huger couta Chris shot at Pomene in Southern Mozambique, in fact muuuch huger! Wait ’til you check that fish! Which Chris shot all the while being filmed by his highly capable camera expert girlfriend!

And pretty soon, we will run the video Chris got whilst taming an 80kg marlin, from his surf ski! Right in front of where he stays in Durban North?!

So enjoy this first instalment of how a waterman has fun in the afternoons…with much more to follow…

The Sardine team have been doing trips to Pomene and surrounds for a decade now. If you, or anyone you know, would like to know a bit more about the place (like the lodge is soon to be closed btw), or conditions/logistics, buzz me on We can also arrange to get you up to Pomene – to stay in our rustic facility on the beach at the point, buzz me too!

The place is sure to be blown up, literally to smithereens, as cruise ships start their tenure in the bay later this year. No more secrets. The cat has left the building. They are doing a bunch of trips, carrying a few thousand at a time, to be dumped on the serene and unspoilt peninsula, for a day. November through April. Fortunately, these cruise ships seem to move around a heap, hopefully they will go back to Inhaca Island, where they came from, which is a far better suited venue. We did some work for the cruise ships captain when they were scouting, finding channels and parking spots for the huge ship, which is how we know this all to be true. It also has been advertised in their brochures already since last year. An alarming note is that the estuary could be closed off to access for the public. Periodically or not, we are not sure. And, there are plans to build a hotel, in the place of the old and romantic Pomene Lodge. Sad way to go…paradise found and lost.

Further waves on the horizon are reports that even more cruise ships are starting from the north. Coming down from that way, since the piracy guys have been collared. The commercial fishing fleet are also back on the water, operating out of the Seychelles and Mauritius, and so the mill keeps turning.

Bring back the pirates!


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