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Saving the planet with Oui.Surf

Click the image to check out the http://oui.surf in Mozambique web presentation

Saving the planet with Oui.Surf

Our friends over in Canada, the Ouisurf crew headed up by Benjamin Rochette…have been on a mission all over the planet making en epic series of surf tv like productions. And they are darn good at it. We worked with the guys for a month from the Transkei and up into Mozambique, making 8 times one hour long episodes, for viewing in Canada – some 9 000 000 viewers or more?!

Benjamin and crew have been hard at work, working for the planet too. Their content is linked to a lifestyle of physical fitness, extreme conditions and places…and to saving the planet, one surf spot at a time.

The following movie by Oui.surf focuses on a colourful and charismatic character, a surfer, who has been on the perma-culture wave since way back when it all first started. His views on life coupled with his enthusiasm and fervour for perma-culture comes flying out of the screen at you, and if it works for you like it did for me, you will be in the garden shortly for.

You can find the Oui.Surf crew on Facebook by clicking here.

And their website is here…http://oui.surf – keep up the great work Benjamin!

Jolly good show…



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