Inhaca Blue Marlin bite off the scale

Inhaca Blue Marlin bite off the scale

Captain Duarte Rato of has his finger on the pulse up and down the East Coast of Africa, and has an amazing Inhaca Blue Marlin bite to report, this March 2017.

The recent sport fishing competition held from out of Inhaca, just out from Mozambiques capital, Maputo –  reported phenomenal numbers and more numbers of marlin action. The release only tourney was a huge success for the 13 boats, who each accounted for a minimum of three fish!

The winning teams raised so many marlin, that they lost count!

An excerpt from Captain Duarte’s report…

“Yolanda won the event with the release of 7 fish, four Blues and three stripes. However, they reported sixteen bites and over thirty raised fish – they said they lost count.

Then there were two boats with 5 releases; Hakuna Matata released 3 blues and 2 striped and Aquamarine 2 Blues and 3 stripes.

Gabri got 4 fish on the day. They released a blue and two Blacks and had another Blue die on them, which got tail wrapped and could not be revived.

The guys aboard Fourplay released 3 Blues, out of 12 they either missed or pulled – and they had 19 fish up for the day.

Other fish reported where a Black by Cheetah out of three bites, and they only fished until 9am. Nakisai also released 2 Blues amongst a number of strikes. Nana released two Blues and had another one sharked by an Oceanic Whitetip, the first ever time I have heard of a fish being sharked out wide in this fishery´s. They also lost another right by the leader, and reported about 15 bites! Another boat that reported a similar number of fish on the day was Mon Ami, although they failed to convert those except on one striped they released out of the whole lot. Bite Me II released two Blues, as well as DanDan.

That´s an average of more than 3 Marlin per boat per day and not a single one of the ten boats that where specifically targeting Marlin skunked! Again, this is weekend anglers, mostly fishing out of small outboard powered trailer boats!

The mind wonders… ?” – Captain Duarte Rato

Read the whole in depth report by Duarte here.

In the meantime, to get a marlin or other gamefishing trip together in Mozambique waters, get in touch with Duarte at

Enjoy the sweet gallery of Inhaca Blue Marlin action…

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  1. Mar 21, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    ….just absolutely insane fishing bro!

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