Fish-eye view – the MYDO Luck Shot dropshot rig

Fish eye view – the MYDO Luck Shot dropshot rig

Dropshot fishing with a MYDO Luck Shot is so entertaining!

And it’s not all about luck!

This is how much technology a fish has to deal with, when faced with a MYDO Luck Shot dropshot head. The hydrodynamic design features an articulated join that allows for complete freedom of movement for whichever plastic bait you choose to use.

The results are unpredictable side to side and up and down swerves that mimic the plight and flight of an injured, fleeing baitfish. Predator fish are excitable at the sight of anything out of the ordinary, movement – and colour. Use the colour Luck Shot that suits the water and light conditions.

And change your retrieve for completely different results.

  • Crank it up hard onto the surface and it comes up blasting like a plug, and when it goes back underwater, it drags a beautiful and shiny bubble down with it, that becomes a smoke trail of air and chaos as it dissipates. Repeat.
  • Troll or wind evenly and it swims life-like and calm, like an unwary baitfish.
  • Do the twitch and variate for violent swerves and panicky actions
  • Drag on the bottom and excavate clouds of sand – just what the kob are keen on…

To get in on the MYDO action, click on over to and check for a tackle store near you. We are in 90 shops so far! If there isn’t one (unfortunately there are many tackle stores who refuse to stock our South African home grown and hand made lures for whatever reason), then just order online, and we will deliver to you sharply.

Click here for the shop and more MYDO information.

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JP's Dorado on Mydo Luck Shot Mini #2 dropshot fishing

JP Bartholomew’s Dorado on Mydo Luck Shot Mini #2

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