“Evaluating Marine Protected Areas” talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre


Date: 06 March 2017

“Evaluating Marine Protected Areas” talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre

“Evaluating the effectiveness of the Pondoland Marine Protected Area”, is the focus of the monthly lecture series at Crocworld Conservation Centre. The theme for the 2017 lecture series will focus on Species Conservation.

The March talk will be presented by Dr. Bruce Mann, a Senior Scientist in the Oceanographic Research Institute of the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR). Mann will speak on the Pondoland Marine Protected Area and he will also highlight the importance of Marine Protected Areas in general.

Mann, who grew up in Zululand, completed his Honours and Masters degrees in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science at Rhodes University. His Masters studies focused on the biology of reef fish in the Tsitsikamma National Park, which immensely contributed towards his understanding of the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This became his passion which he continues to highlight on a regular basis. He was been involved in various projects including the fisheries in Lake St Lucia, the Transkei and the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. He has been involved in the editing and compilation of two books on the South African linefish status reports, and he has published over fifty papers in his area of expertise.

Mann is dedicated to the conservation of marine life and enjoys sharing his passion for the oceans with the public. “Never before have MPAs been more important than they are now, if we hope to conserve our magnificent marine heritage,” said Mann.

The Pondoland Marine Protected Area conserves a spectacular seascape along the Wild Coast. It has subtropical reefs and unspoiled estuaries which are home to young fish, and where waterfalls plunge straight into the sea. The Pondoland Marine Protected Area is south of Durban and north of Port St Johns. It includes the Mkhambathi Nature Reserve. It stretches over 90km and extends approximately 10km out to sea.

Join Dr. Bruce Mann at Crocworld Conservation Centre where he will share his fishy passion and fascinating journey of these delicate protected areas, on Saturday, 11 March.

Tickets for Mann’s talk will cost R75 per adult and R35 for pensioners and scholars. Registration and welcoming will begin from 8:30am and the talk will commence at 9:00am. Guests will be entitled to complimentary teas/coffees, as well as entrance to the Crocworld Conservation Centre’s world of aviaries, crocodiles, snakes and other reptiles. Spend the day exploring the vast grounds which include the Izinyoni Indigenous Nursery and the Le Rendez-Vous Restaurant.

Ticket reservations can be made in advance through Nolean Allun at Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103 or 083 654 9651 or email crocworld. Account Details: Crocworld (Crookes Brothers Limited) Banking Details: FNB, Branch: Scottburgh, Branch Code: 220227, Account Number: 53640119111. Please fax the proof of payment to 039 978 3279.

For more information about Crocworld Conservation Centre, visit www.crocworld.co.za, @CrocworldCC on Twitter, or Crocworld Conservation Centre on Facebook.



Dr. Bruce Mann, will be delivering a talk focusing on “Evaluating the effectiveness of the Pondoland Marine Protected Area,” at Crocworld Conservation Centre on Saturday, 11 March.

(Image: Supplied by Bruce Mann)

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