A box of Mydos in the mail! Order your Mydos online at thesardine.co.za

A box of Mydos in the mail! Order your Mydos online at thesardine.co.za

Wish I was getting a box like this one, in the mail! Order your Mydos online at thesardine.co.za #mydolures #thesardine!

The Sardine News shop is back open to the public, in order to reach those anglers, whose tackle stores don’t stock our decades old and highly proven homegrown brand.  It’s a huge market. which Mydo team was leaving out, in order to rather distribute through the tackle stores around the country. No chance. But for a few really cool shops and distributors, The Mydo just cannot break into certain areas, without the support from the tackle store owners. Except by internet.

We are operating on an EFT basis. We have taken down our credit card payment facility completely, which benefits both us and you, in every transaction. They also take days to clear funds, and take a big bite. And we have had charge back and other problems with that payment system too. When the funds clear in our account, you get your stuff. Sometimes this means the same, or next day service!

We use good old Postnet. And they handle worldwide!

The shipping is calculated by weight to which zone, and is actually quite reasonable. Postnet have partnered with Aramex in order to supply this efficient and reliable service.

Delivery takes a few days internationally depending on many, many things, but your parcel will arrive. The table here is for out of South Africa deliveries. South Africa deliveries cost R99 per 5kg’s. Too easy! Your Mydos arrive at the Postnet, they call you, you pick up…you go fishing!

PGE Rates 2016
The MYDO range consists of the …


Luck Shots

SS Spoons

You can read all about The Mydo on the Mydo website at

http://thesardine.co.za/mydo/ or on facebook at…


And see a list of dealers that are supporting local.

Finally, a big, very big thank you, to these shops, for stocking us and allowing us a channel to our loyal markets that have been using Mydos since the eighties. When Brian Davey first invented and marketed them. Respect!

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