Radical new IGFA rules

Radical new IGFA rules

The new IGFA rules published recently include some long overdue and revolutionary amendments.

The main one to me, is that you are now allowed to tie your top line ie the line class you are fishing, to your backing, no matter what backing!
There is a minimum stipulated length of top line required, of…5 m! Yes, five metres!

This means that when you break off on a fish, only the lighter top line will still be attached to it as it swims off. A minimal impediment compared to being stuck dragging 200m plus nylon. A very cool, and commendable change.

It obviously makes for using a lot less line – you can change line classes more efficiently and quickly. So much less waste and line pollution.

Another cool change, is that you are allowed to assist an angler who is fighting a fish – promoting safety. No assistance is allowed in pulling the fish in, but someone can hold on to you when things get crazy rough!

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IGFA Rules

Captain Duarte Rato on a black that went 650lb, needs no assistance on this flat day. But if things get wild, the new IGFA rules allow for your crew mate to hold on to you, and keep you safe and in the boat.


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  1. Mar 2, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Yeah for sure these new rules where well overdue….but all things come to those who wait! The use of rather small topcoats (well not 5 meters) but short is the only way to go, especially if you fish day in and day out….better for the reels as no stretched mono expanding on the reel, saves you tons of money and you can easily change your main line after every big fish or whenever you think it´s appropiate without thinking of the cost, more line capacity, less stretch on the long runs etc etc etc….nicely done!!!

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