Angola Grander Blue Marlin

Angola Grander Blue Marlin

Some more pics of the sensational Angola Grander Blue Marlin taken this week. This time off Lobito in Angola, and yes again, on a small 21ft ski-boat type vessel.

This one made it to the scales however and it came in at 497kgs!

Inside the huge marlin, was a sailfish, estimated at about 25kg’s…mmm, using sailfish for a livebait?!

It seems to be a good time to go hunting for 1000 pounders!

Thanks to Sardine scribe Marc Lange on the spot in Angola, for the pics and details.

Stay in the loop as Captain Duarte Rato, regular contributor to The Sardine News, keeps on 1000 pound marlin watch. Each year Duarte researches the information and posts it here and on

Also on Fish Bazaruto, you can browse through an incredibly informative and entertaining collection of articles and journals by Duarte, as he chases these 1000 pounders all over the world. You can also join him in this quest by getting in touch through the Fish Bazaruto website or his Facebook pages…

And while we are in the marlin mood, check out the video linked below, of an Angolan Blue Marlin chasing the teasers and giving them more than one go. This is another huge fish that also seems intent on growing over the mark.

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