Cyclone Dineo damage count

Cyclone Dineo damage count

The Cyclone Dineo damage count is really bad for the local population, many of whom live in reed and grass houses. And on exposed islands and wetlands. The lodge owners and better off population in stronger houses held out far better.

The technique of building rooves to go, on top of sturdy ironwood frames, worked really well in application. The roof blows off leaving the structure intact. Houses built in valleys or behind the primary dune, were relatively unscathed.

Four fatalities have been reported in so far.

Hats off to Kevin Pitzer of Construa Inhambane, who had this to say…

“Construa/ Built it are saddened to learn of the devastation within Inhambane province owing to the huge damage caused by Cyclone Dineo which made landfall yesterday pm. We are currently investigating discounted pricing to victims of which lately the liquidity of individuals in Mozambique has been extremely low. We understand the damage did not choose against wealth of poverty where we would like to go further and offer an emergency line to the impoverished people who have very little income so that they may at least replace what little shelter they had. Should anyone wish to join us in this iniative we intend to accept donations to assist in subsidising replacement materials at our own already discounted pricing where we intend put teams on the ground in conjunction with our local Ministry of Finance where after damage and individual status of affordability is assessed the victims can access replacement materials. Construa/Build it has outlets in all the major effected areas and is a legal and honourable and accepted Mozambican National Buiders Merchant brand. My initial and personal contribution will be MT 1 million where I believe many small helping hands can go a long way to make one big helping hand.Should any person or company wish to participate in this endeavour please inbox me personally or drop a mail to of which will be operational as of 08.30 this morning.”

Hats right off!


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